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Anticipated Audience Experience

This project will screen a continuation of screendance work, moving images, and animated drawing that will travel in space, appearing and disappearing, moving and emerging with bodily gestures. The installation will present several screendance work, projected simultaneously onto various surfaces in space. 

Here is a LINK to a video documentation that portray the expirence of the installation, and in relation to the movement of audience in space.  Although it has been documented indoor, this installation is adapted to be screened outdoor, and mapped into a large open space

Audience members will interact with the installation by walking through the projection, disrupting the projection, emerging creating shadows and becoming part of the dance. Viewers can participate in a ritual of becoming, adding different layers and meanings to the work. As viewers intervene with the installation, moving around the space, noticing or witnessing how their bodies either disrupt the projection or create new shadows, they will also experience a sense of fluidity between the projections, surfaces, and distances. The felt experience could inspire thoughts about virtual mediation in a physical way. Viewers might experience the collapsing/confusing of the virtual and the physical, which could inspire interesting reflection on connection and distance, the virtual and the “real”, borders and boundaries, and multiple temporalities. Through virtual mediation, audiences might experience the piece as multi-layered and without beginning or end. In this way, the piece encourages consideration of and reflection on multiple temporalities, space and place, as well as what is or is not considered “real” space, or “live” space, because they will potentially see people on the ground interacting, intervening, and adding to the work.  In viewing and interacting with my project, audiences will be able to also see and sense how the histories, narratives, and expressions, layered in the work, are also mediated by spectator’s bodies, bringing them into connection with the people, topics, and projections in intimate ways and thus altering the piece for other viewers who may not be in the space.

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