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The installation has already been produced and was exhibited last September (2020) as my Master's research project at York University. Unfortunately, it was not open to the public due to Covid19.

This project is created with multi-channel, immersive projection on various surfaces; therefore, the logistics primarily concern site research and projection mapping. Essentially, I will require three 4K projectors, in close proximity in a space, and connection to electricity to present my work. With these projections, I will need to install a holographic panel (that I already have, and can be seen in my documentation) from a ceiling, a frame, or an overhead beam. Audience members will have access, both virtually and physically, to the site of the installation, and will be invited to explore and interact with the installation in response to the movement, sound and projection.

During the screening, there will be a few live sound intervention performances, mediated virtually and heard through 4 wireless speakers in the space. But, for most of the duration, the installation will embrace the natural sound of the site, and performatively interact with the audience’s movement, interventions/interactions, and visuals.

The installation will be experienced both physically and virtually. The physical site will utilize space in the urban landscape of downtown Toronto for the installation, and will also be mediated virtually. There is no need for a street closure, and the projection will be immersed with space-time elements without being invasive. The screening will include parts that have sound, but the intention is on embracing the natural sound of the street\city\space as an element that interacts with the temporalities of the projection.

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