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This screendance film was made from movement materials I recorded during a virtual residency at Kunstbereit e.V with a group of artists and researchers navigating the challenges of engaging in various performative-based practices during the pandemic.

As part of my experimental research presentation, "Rites of Passage in the Abyss of Contemporary Liminality," the secreendance was part of the CADN 2021 Graduate Conference, "Motherboard," which took place in April 2021 at OCAD University.

This experimental screendance was shown during the second part of my presentation. I talked about my research in the field of performance studies, archives, and liminality in the first part.

Kunstbereit e.V Berlin

Cristina Negucioiu

Yvette Teeuwen

Dorothea Eitel

Teo Vlad

Sebastian Ureamuno

Lo Bil

Marianna Solomonidou

Ameyalli Romiress

Blanca Daniela Ramirez

Jacob Wolos

Mother of All Demos (1968), Douglas Engelbart

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