Choreography of belonging

People come from different places and situations; in such a heterogeneous society, I ask myself what a community or communities we are part of as individuals are and from a global perspective. How do we form a sense of home? Each of us carries another could be a place, culture, family, nature, memories, events. What might be the choreography of belonging? When we can listen to somebody and find even those places of resolution.

The canvas is an empty space, a space of occupation, of alienation, of accommodation. How do we make up for the lost time when it's stolen across boundaries and borders? How do we speak into the Unspeakable? gestures - nonverbal - nonliteral

Bodies in Motion can communicate a different form of in-between, of sacredness, of diaspora, of self. How can I embark on an Aesthetics of trauma that is mutual?

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