You're no one from a Place

A person born into a foreign country, foreign place. Despite having a father and a mother, sisters, brothers, language, and culture, she is from a different place, and she doesn't know it. She feels pain all her life until she understands, and that's where the journey to her own place begins, a place she has never been before, and no one can promise her that this place does indeed exist. This kind of woman is born into hell, and at the beginning, she doesn't know it's hell. She continues to live her life and to fall again and again...and only after a long, long period of time, something happened: of a sudden, a moment of grace, a moment where she is finally able to see, even if for a split moment, a glimpse, she ultimately can see her place, Like a small, toured old letter or a postcard from her place, or an old picture from her place, or let's say, someone is passing by and looking at her, telling her something, smiling at her - this moment become the moment that changed her life, because at once, she acknowledge that this place, her place exists, that she's not mistaken, hallucinating, and that there's a better life than this life that she lived, and at that moment she realized that she is displaced.

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