Global Rite of Passage

Taking notes from Andre Lepecki’s talk.

Further thinking and analyzing our current challenges and pandemic through the lens of mobilization.

Slowness…more slowness

Experimental exercise of immanence - freedom

deadly Choreo-policing

What kind of intimate knowledge the mover and dancer will have? And embodied knowledge of what it means to mobilize

How to imagine the current condition of mobilization and mobility in the pandemic?

How is that movement remains central in the discourse that has been produced around the pandemic? Ethical obligation to remain sheltered? Lockdown or sheltering? Pausing?

Pause is a very aesthetic state. State of suspension and pause. State of pausing

I feel like in the pause - moving in the pause. The spectacle of displacement

Bustling spectacle. Activity and movement has been displaced.

The tangled dance between colonialism and... Question?

Capitalism-virtual-Being traceable, trackable.

The vertigo of images!

Subject-hood being shuttered by..”choreo-policing”

Kinestiszm. The power of standing (even if on one square meter- Within the no-movement

What is the current image of movement that this pandemic offers?

How to tie all of this into dance practice?

Steve Paxton - The “stand” or a “small dance”

Flourishing of micro movement.

It’s a dance in which what is important is not necessarily the empathic display of bodies displacing in a space-time continuum, but actually the presentation of bodies operating at the level of intensifying that stillness, and demonstrating that this stillness is not only a preparatory moment for the movement to come, but is itself a presentation of movement under different terms.

Optical capitalism 24/7

Nothingness….pause of almost 30min, fading out - it sounds so peaceful to me.

What are the consequences of the algorithm gaze on trauma during our current pandemic (our current virtual life)?

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