Mapping the gestural sphere - Notes about Notes

To think about gestures in terms of historical distance

Gestures and their temporalities

A gesture? Or an image?

Historical or methodological approaches to gestures

Memory, knowledge, and duration of the past through gestures

The gesture face with the primacy of the image

How to conceptualize the memory of the body as an archive

starting from the gesture in the present mean to start from the gestural experience

Understanding the gestures through the experiences, perceptions, and knowledge I get from them

Practices, experiences, and interpretation

Questions about the sensory experience of a gesture

Gestures from a pragmatic perspective

What gesture carry? Or carried by?

Gestures in the context of the act of caring (Elizabeth Grosz)

What are you relying on to feed the gesture?

The mass floating support of gestures

Conceiving the duration of gestures in a large, hyper gestural regime

The diagram is made by a semiotical matter and physically matter - Deleuze and Guattari

The history of the form, archive, is doubled by the becoming of forces.

Every gesture contains in itself some dimension of space and time - gestural beings.

Gestural particles

Regimes of gestures

How does the gesture, as a bodily and movement action, become a concept in the thought of art (Sally Ann, Carrie Noland, Bertolt Brecht, Walter Benjamin), in the thoughts of sociology (Aronit Goffman, Pierre Bourdieu) or in political thoughts (Giorgio Agamben)? Does it mark a junction that attaches body and message, action and intention, or rather seeks to separate? And to think of it from other political and artistic concepts theory - action, creation, work of art, artwork, performance?

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