Time, body, senses - Notes about Notes

Time is part of a constellation that includes more than me, bringing me into the world.

My sense of history, rhythm, proprioception, kinaesthesia, symmetry, distance,

longing. my sense of light and shade, space and feelings, my sense of outrage, and my sense of rhythm.

Those are mine, developed in solitude or collective situations through intra-action.

My feet are rooted in the existential field, but I'm rhythm dancing.

Sometimes I change contexts and have to create new sensory constellations and relations. I carry memory, trauma, pain, joy, longing, intelligence, ways of making sense from one context to another, modify a sense, let go and revisit it. Sensory patterns can lurk in me like artifacts, awakened by a familiar rhythm or combination of gestures. They can be ambiguous, weird, spiritual, scary, unrecognizable, funny, weird, distractive...

Or they can guide me like a trusted companion.

Senses can merge, curve and estrange themselves to the point of being unrecognizable tangled.

Or they can settle brightly in memory and movement: tangible, distinct, present.

I recognize this complexity as the nature of a body-based artistic practice.

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